Of all the sustainable building products we've discussed on the Green Conscience blog, one consistently stands out among the rest to our customers: American Clay plaster. An unusual yet highly adaptable wall covering, clay offers a host of aesthetic benefits, as well as several important advantages when it comes to health impacts that often go overlooked by consumers.

To begin with the aesthetic, clay plaster can be applied in a variety of colors and finishes.  As visitors to Green Conscience's showroom are well aware, a skilled applicator can even create beautiful, intricate murals with clay. In some instances, raised patters can be imprinted into clay walls as well, giving your home a unique and artistic feel. As the company's website points out, American Clay creates a wall surface reminiscent of classic, historical interiors. Available in five finishes, and an unlimited amount of textures, clay plaster can be applied to make your home feel reminiscent of a Tuscan villa, a Japanese spa, or even a country house nestled away in the hills of the California coastline.

Yet beyond its inherent beauty and eye-pleasing nature, there are other factors that make the sustainability community love clay. Like many other products that catch our attention, clay plaster is free of the impacts of harsh chemicals. Clay is an all-natural interior finish, which is also non-toxic, and in the case of American Clay, made in the U.S.A. (New Mexico, to be precise). In addition to its natural composition, clay is 100% free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). While most mass-produced paints, gypsum panels, and acrylic or wallpaper finishes can all possess varying degrees of chemical content, clay represents a healthy and naturally-sourced alternative.

In practical application, clay plaster can enhance any number of interior spaces. Clay can readily cover a wide variety of pre-existing wall surfaces, and can be applied with a minimum amount of training.  Once placed on a wall, clay plaster remains highly durable, and can easily and quickly be repaired, should a problem arise. Because of the natural pigments that are used to color the plaster, clay resists fading over time, while also preventing dirt and grime from adhering to the wall.

Clay plaster helps to not only beautify a room aesthetically, but can also improve a living space in a more subtle fashion.  Unique among other wall finishes, clay plaster regulates the humidity of an enclosed room, absorbing moisture and storing it before it is released when drier air moves in. A mold resistant finish, clay will also help to absorb odors in a room, while working to regulate interior temperature.  American Clay can also help balance the ionic character of a room, as unsealed clay can produce negative ions.  These help to mitigate the electromagnetic impacts of appliances, computers, electronic devices and plastics. In addition, negative ions can reduce the static charges that allow dust to adhere to walls and interior surfaces.

Clay plaster represents one of the more interesting and intricate products offered by Green Conscience.  In addition to selling it, our store regularly hosts workshops to help train customers to apply clay in their own homes, offering not only a wonderful product, but also an engaging learning experience. When it comes to American Clay, Green Conscience quite literally has you covered.



05/16/2016 6:44am

I believe the clay does a better job in house building than the usual bricks. This is because the clay has a natural element that makes walls fit and look naturally beautiful. The strength too is unquestionable. Most of these clay buildings or structures are mostly seen in the villages in the remote parts of Africa and Asia.


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