The holiday season is upon us, and you may have noticed an uptick in car commercials offering seasonal financing deals. If you're like us here at Green Conscience, however, you probably have one question on your mind:

Who's buying all of these cars?

That question got us thinking that if you'd finance a car, why wouldn't you do the same for an organic, chemical-free bed?  We've talked a lot on the green blog about the negative health effects of flame retardant chemicals found in other bedding, as well as how they can off-gas, potentially polluting the interior of your home.

That also made us think.

Most people keep their cars for an average of six to ten years, according to CNBC. In contrast, most consumers hold on to their beds for between ten and fifteen years, and Savvy Rest Mattresses last for 20 years, as Bed Times pointed out in a comprehensive report on the subject.

Granted, wool and latex mattresses can generally be more expensive than those made with traditional manufacturing processes. They are, however, much, much cheaper than most financed automobiles.  They also have a far greater impact on your overall health, due to one major factor: the amount of time you're exposed to them.

You spend roughly one third of your adult life sleeping.  Given that amount of time in contact with your mattress, what your bed is made of matters. Again, by contrast, you spend much more time sleeping than driving (in most cases... and if not, get some shut eye!).

So this brought us full circle, back to our inevitable question.  If you're willing to finance a car, why not think about financing an organic, chemical free mattress?

With that idea in mind, Green Conscience is offering a unique deal for the next few weeks.  Until January 14th, customers can enjoy 60 month, 0% financing through Wells Fargo on our stock of organic mattresses. This includes models by Savvy Rest, a company we've profiled here on the blog before.

If you're interested in taking advantage of this deal, stop by our showroom and see Karen. While you're there, consider how well a platform bed frame or a buckwheat pillow would complement the bed you've had your eye on.
Whatever you do, sleep tight, and have a happy holiday season, from everyone at Green Conscience.

[Images: Savvy Rest

              Arpico Latx Foams via Wikimedia Commons | Cropped and Resized | CC BY-SA 4.0]



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