The new year brings change to us all, and here at Green Conscience, we're expanding our product lines in anticipation of an awesome 2016. As our customers already know, we're proud to work in partnership with Savvy Rest, a company devoted to producing chemical-free mattresses and furniture. Now, Green Conscience is taking this partnership a step further, as we feature Savvy Sofas.

We've written at length here about why Savvy Rest's products are superior.  As they point out on their own blog, traditionally manufactured furniture is most often constructed from synthetic fabrics and petroleum-based foams. While these materials can be harmful in their own right, they are often treated with chemical flame retardants which off-gas in your home. These chemicals have been linked to infertility, cancer, and obesity. As the foam in your mattress or sofa breaks down, a fine dust can carry these dangerous chemicals directly into your lungs.

Luckily, Savvy Sofas are constructed with these dangers in mind (just like their mattresses). These organic sofas are made using natural hardwoods, organic fabrics, and Talalay latex foam. A variety of color and fabric options are available to suit a wide range of tastes, yet all Savvy Sofas are free of chemical flame retardants.  Importantly, these sofas also do not contain any of the component parts of traditional sofas that may off-gas chemical content, like formaldehyde glue, polypropylene, plywood press board, or veneer.
These sofas are customizable, and cushions can be ordered in both softer and firmer options. The Talalay latex used by Savvy Rest is cradle-to-cradle certified, while the adhesives used are GreenGuard certified. Organic wool, hemp, and cotton is used along with certified sustainable maple. For wood finishing, zero-VOC linseed oil and low-VOC water-based stains are also used.

Savvy Sofas are just the latest product that Green Conscience is proud to feature from Savvy Rest.  Stop in the store today to check one out, and while you're there don't forget to take a look at a Savvy mattress or dog bed

From everyone at Green Conscience, thanks for an awesome 2015, and have a Happy New Year!

[Images via Savvy Rest]



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I love how the products of Green Conscience are now thinking of the health of its consumers. It is true that most sofas and mattresses in the market were made using chemical materials and the dust from it would give off harmful effects to us. I was searching for months for furnitures that was made in non-chemical materials and even consulted many experts in the field. My friend told me about your products and I didn't believe what she said. Then I searched for this site then I found that your new line of furnitures are consumer-friendly. Since I have an asthma, it would be the best furniture for me and my family.

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Savvy Sofas are just the latest product introducing by Green Conscience. Very comfortable and good designing. The light color fabric is looking very sober. Thanks for introducing the latest trends of furniture.

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